Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Authorized King James Version

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Friends, Windmills & Hog barns

This story actually starts about two years ago. We moved to this area and there is a large number of wind mills that generate electricity. Now my hubby and I expressed a interest to know more about them. A gentlemen that attends the church that we were attending invited us to join him at a banquet which was given for all the land owners who have these windmills on their property. There was a speaker and we became more interested. At that meeting we toured one site of a finished windmill. Very interesting. Now they have started building another area of wind mills. I believe there are to be 67 in this group. I think it is 97 in the first group. Last Wednesday, July 21st Keith and Linda (the gentlemen & his wife) I before mentioned invited us to go for ice cream with them. We have become good friends with them. Anyway Keith took us to six different sites where windmills are at various stages of being build. When we went for ice cream I expressed I wished I had pictures to show our kids, who we will visit soon. Keith said buy a throw away camera and he would take us back to get pictures before we went to the kids. Well today Keith called and said he could do that this evening. It is so interesting and educational to see this on the site rather than in a video. Keith and his two sons have seven windmills on their join properties. They are to have two more build on their properties soon.
The lady that does my hair is married to one of Keith & Linda's son. The son's have the hog barns. They have 3,000 hogs. Anyway the night we went for ice cream I was asking Keith about the hog operation. Tonight he took us to two of the barns. One of them is empty right now because they sold the thousand pigs that were housed in it. It was totally fascinating to learn of the operation and everything involved. We talked about hog production, hog farm practices, of hog farming, heating, waste management, standard of keeping yourself sterile while working with the hogs, cooling, cleaning etc. Each of their barns have a shower which is required before entering the area with the hogs. Also they have a washer and dryer and when you finish chores you wash the clothes and they must take another shower before leaving the barn. You never go from one barn to the next without showering. We were very impressed. My hubby and I grew up on farms and are really enjoying being in a small town surrounded by beautiful farms.

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