Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17 Authorized King James Version

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Blessing

May the Lord, mighty God
bless and keep you forever
grant you peace, perfect peace
courage in ev'ry endeavor.

Lift up your eyes and see God's face
live in His grace forever
may the Lord mighty God
bless and keep you forever.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I dislike

I was thinking of things I dislike. There aren't to many, but here are a few. These are not in any sort of order.

1. Tissues left in pockets when you wash clothes.
2. Clothes that are not color fast that you wash.
3. Boiling something over on the stove.
4. Getting shoe polish on my fingers.
5. People who walk their dogs and don't pick up after the dogs.
6. Being late for an appointment or meeting.
7. Spilling something in the refrigerator.
8. Broken Promises
9. Nights I can't sleep. (tonight)
10.Scrapping fingers on blackboards.

I'm sure if I thought longer I might come up with some more, but enough for tonight.
Let me know a few thinks you dislike.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Our daughter sent this and I would like to share it.

A man was sleeping one night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light,
and God appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed
him a large rock in front of the cabin. The Lord explained that the man was to push
against the rock with all his might.

So this man did, day after day,. For many years he toiled from sunup to
sundown, his shoulders set squarely against the cold, massive surface of the unmoving rock, pushing with all his might!

Each night the man returned to his cabin sore and worn out, feeling that his whole
day had been spent in vain. Since the man was showing discouragement, the
Adversary decided to enter the picture by placing thoughts into the weary mind: (He
will do it every time)!

You have been pushing against that rock for a long time and it hasn't moved. Thus
he gave the man the impression that the task was impossible and that he was a failure.
These thoughts discouraged and disheartened the man.

Satan said, "Why kill yourself over this? Just put in your time, giving just the
minimum effort; and that will be good enough."

That's what the weary man planned to do, but decided to make it a matter of prayer
and to take his troubled thoughts to the Lord.

"Lord he said, "I have labored long and hard in Your service, putting all my
strength to do that which you have asked. Yet after all this time, I have not even
budged that rock by half a millimeter. What is wrong? Why am I failing?"

The Lord responded compassionately, "My friend, when I asked you to serve Me and
you accepted, I told you that your task was to push against the rock with all of your
strength, which you have done. Never once did I mention to you that I expected you
to move it. your task was to push. And now you come to Me with your strength
spent, thinking that you have failed.

But, is that really so? Look at yourself. Your arms are strong and muscled, your back
shiny and brown; your hands are callused from constant pressure, your legs have become massive and hard.

Through opposition you have grown much, and your abilities now surpass that which
you used to have. True, you haven't moved the rock. But your calling was to be
obedient and to push and to exercise your faith and trust in My wisdom. That you
have done. Now I, my friend, will move the rock"

At times, when we hear a word from God, we tend to use our own intellect to
decipher what He wants, when actually what God wants is just simple obedience and
faith in Him.

By all means exercise the faith that moves mountains, but know that it is still God
Who moves the mountains.
When everything seems wrong.......................Just P.U.S.H.
When the job gets you down........................Just P.U.S.H.
When people don't do as you think they should.....Just P.U.S.H.
When your money is "gone" and the bills are due...Just P.U.S.H.
When people just don't understand you.............Just P.U.S.H.
"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from
now and make a brand new ending."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Curio Cabinet

Last Saturday our friends, Tom & Maureen gave me a beautiful lighted curio cabinet. I now have placed my clown collection in it. I like to step in that room turn its light on and remember where each of the clowns came from. Wonderful memories of days we travelled to different areas. Also memories of old friends who gave me several of the clowns and our new friends that gave me the curio cabinet.

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
Some are silver,
the others are gold.
New made friendship,
is like new wine.
Age will mellow and refine.
Friendship that have stood the test
time and change are surely best.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So glad to see the sun shining. My hubby and I have both been dealing with some stress. We were home from services on Sunday. He with a cold and I with the discomfort of the starting of a uti. I was able to get anti-biotic on Monday. Will be seeing the doctor tomorrow for some other issues. He has been using golden seal plus vitamin C. He took thera-flu this morning. He has been able to cough up and get stuff out of body. I wanted him to stay home from work yesterday, but he went. My sugar is doing a yo yo thing. A number of other things that we found out were heavy on each of our hearts.(We had a long talk on Sunday both of us feel very strongthly abut some things; fortunately we both feel the same way on the issues.) Some we just need to follow through with decison to follow our convictions. Some we just have to put back in God's hands and Pray, Pray, and did I mention pray. Sometime there truly is nothing we can do but pray.
It is nice to see signs of spring. I love spring!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I once read that a coincidence is when God chooses to remain


The song that silenced the cappuccino machine
It was chilly in Manhattan but warm inside the Starbucks shop on
51st street and Broadway, just a skip up from Time Square. Early
November weather in New York City holds only the slightest hint
of the bitter chill of late December and January, but it's enough
to send the masses crowding indoors to vie for available space and
warmth. For a musician, it's the most lucrative Starbucks location
in the world. I'm told, and consequently, the tips can be substantial
if you play your tunes right. Apparntly, we were striking all the right chords that night, because our basket was almost overflowing. It was
fun,low pressure gig-I was playing keyboard and singing backup for my
friend who also added rhythm with an arsenal of percussion instruments.
We mostly did pop songs from the '40s to the '90s with a few orginial
tunes thrown in. During our emotional rendition of the classic, "If
You Don't Know Me by Now," I noticed a lady sitting in one of the
lounge chairs across from me. She was swaying to the beat and singing along. After the tune was over, she approached me. "apologize for
singing along on that song. Did it bother you?" she asked. "No," I
replied. "We love it when the audience joins in. Would you next
selection?" To my delight , she accepted my invitation. "You choose,"
I said. "What are you in the mood to sing?" " you know any
hymns?" Hymns? This woman didn't know who she was dealing with. I
cut my teeth on hymns. Before I was even born, I was going to church.
I gave our guest singer a knowing look. "Name one." "Oh, I don't know. There are so many good ones. You pick one." "Okay," I repllied. "How about "His Eye is on the Sparrow"? My new friend was silent, her eyes averted. Then she fixed her eyes on mine again and again,"Yeah. Let's
do that one." She slowly nodded her head, put down her purse,
straightened her jacket and faced the center of the shop. With my
two-bar setup, she began to sing. Why should I be discouraged?
Why should the shsdows come? The audience of coffee drinkers was transfixed. Even the gurgling noises of the cappuccino machine ceased
as the employees stopped what they were doing to listen. The song rose to its conclusion. I sing because I'm happy; I sing because I'm free.
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. When the last
note was sung, the applause crescendoed to a deafing roar that would
rivaled a sold-out crowd at Carnegie Hall. Embarrassed, the woman tried to shout over the din, "oh, y'all go back to your coffee! I didn't come in here to do a concert! I just came in here to get somethin' to drink, just like you!" But the ovation continued..I embraced my new friend.
"You, my dear, have made my whole year! That was beautiful!" "well its
funny that you picked that particular hymn, "she said. "Why is that?"
"Well..." she hesitated again, "that was my daughter's favorite song."
"Really!" I exclaimed. "Yes," she said, and then grabbed my hands. By
this time, the appllause had subsided and it was business as usual.. "She
was 16. She died of a brain tumor last week." I said the first thing that found its way through my stunned silence. "Are you going to be okay?"
She smiled through tear-filled eyes and squeezed my hands. "I'm gonna be okay. I've just got to keep trusting the Lord and singing his songs, and everything's gonna be just fine." She picked up her bag, gave me her card, and then she was gone. Was it just a coincidence that we happened to be singing in that particcular coffee shop on that particular November night? Coincidence that this wonderful lady just happened to walk into that particular shop? Coincidence that of all the hymns to choose from, I just happened to pick the very hymn that was the favorite of her daughter, who had died just the week before? I refuse to believe it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He allows Us

I was told of this blog by my niece.This blog called Walk with Nature is both beautiful and inspiring. I quote from the blog: God allows us to make our own decisions. please read his March 1, 2010 post. What he says is so very true. You may even want to add this blog to favorites.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Neighbors

This afternoon I was studying our love seat and wondering if I could do a minor change on it. I knew I would need a wood stapler. I called my neighbor, Maureen to see if her husband Tom owned a wood stapler. Yes he owns one I explained what I planned to do. Tom and Maureen came over and helped me remove the two front skirt panels and move them to the back and move the back ones to front. It was a simple job with right equipment. Then Tom, Maureen and my self rearranged the living room which gives it a nice look. I praise God for good neighbors who are willing to help.


My husband and I have just been surfing around on the net for a couple weeks. We seen inspiritional things, interesting things, funny things educational things, it is a source of much information. We also came upon not good sources and several we wish would be band because of content and how easy it would be for children to get to, by just playing on the computer as we were. I love to be able to follow blogs that encourage me or where I can encourage someone. There is so much good but also evil. It is after all apart of this fallen world we live in.